Upclose Pictures is a full-service production based in Munich, Germany with international clients from the technology and automotive sector.

Upclose Pictures develops and implements fresh concepts with a unique visual style. This means tailormade storytelling for your audience. Each project is carried out by a specialized unit of our skilled industry professionals.

While being a relatively small team we disrupt the sector with fresher ideas than bigger agencies that can't or won't try out more viral concepts or ideas that could alienate their clients.

But don't take our word for it. These are a few of our happy clients.



This is where the project is birthed and a preliminary budget is made. Concept and ideas are molded in to a presentable pitch. Outlines and storyboards are created to give an impression of what the project could look  or feel like. Styleframes help to visualize abstract content. It’s all the groundwork to show what the project will be and how much it will cost to make.
This stage is referred to as pre-production.


Hitting the road, a team usually comprised of Director, Producer, Camera-and Lighting crew, Writer, Gaffer, then capture the project beat by beat. The footage is then edited, colourgraded, sound is mixed, visual effects are added, a soundtrack is composed, titles are created, and the project is prepared for distribution.
Production is where most of your budget will be allotted, thus efficiency is key.



Without a stringent and robust distribution strategy, the other stages of production are somewhat redundant, at least from a business perspective. Distribution is the final stage in a project where we look at how to make a return- on your investment or maximize your audience. This can be from cinema distribution, selling to a TV network, streaming service, marketing on youtube, or other social media platforms.